Ringa Atawhai Mātauranga


Ringa Atawhai Mātauranga was established specifically to meet the challenges of an aging population and inequalities in health status by supporting improved outcomes for students, employers, and communities in the health related sector and on improving the responsiveness of training to their needs.

Some issues of concern that Ringa Atawhai Mātauranga PTE
aims to address include:

Eighty-three percent of employees in public
health positions have some tertiary
qualifications, but only a low percentage, have
specific qualifications in public health.

There is no united public health voice to
influence curriculum development in education and

The public health workforce needs increased
skills and expertise to lead health sector and
action to promote and improve health and reduce

There are significant inequities in the
availability of, and access to, training.

There is little collaboration between training
providers, or between the public health sector and
tertiary education providers.

A large proportion of the provider workforce is
unregulated, with little or no professional
infrastructure, standards or career pathways.

The History of Ringa Atawhai

A group of people sat around a heater in Nellie Para’s garage and made the decision to form Ringa Atawhai Trust. This followed the first training programme for community health workers, which was delivered from Kotahitanga Marae – Kaikohe.

1986 to 2014

Community Health Workers training continues throughout Te Taitokerau.

1986 to 2014

Healthy lifestyle hui promoted throughout the community.


Health and Disability certification achieved.


NZQA registration and accreditation achieved. Ringa Atawhai Matauranga established.


2015 National Certificate of Hauora
Maori delivered.

2016 NZ Certificate Public Health

2017 NZ Certificate Kaupapa Maori
Public Health commences.